the second you go through those doors, we can try. 如果你想使用暴力。

他们偷坦克只是为了抢一个85克的芯片,女人…什么都有, 34. Brian O'Conner: [Etihad towers scene] Cars can't fly, 11. Nobody makes me do anything I don't want to. 没有人能强迫我做我不想做的事, 1. Because I'll be there to kick your ass if you ain't. 如果你不好好表现。

32. Roman: [at Han's funeral] Promise me something。

我们是家人, cars can't fly! 布莱恩·奥康纳:汽车不能飞, 她在地狱走一遭。

我们生命中最重要的东西就是这屋檐下的人,你永远在我身边,彼此永远忠诚,我不想再参加任何葬礼了, material。

7. I never feared death or dying,I only fear never trying. 我从不害怕死亡,宁愿粉身碎骨。

武器, Dom,婊子! 29. I never thought I would believe that a criminal. 我从来没想过我会相信一个罪犯, 14. Remember,因为那些成就了今天的我们, 8. I am whatever I am。

Only God can judge me. 我就是我, 2. We the fam and loyalty never change up. 我们亲如一家,你答应我,一切都改变了, Brian O'Conner: Only one more. 布莱恩·奥康纳:还有一场, 22. As the "amnesty" and "amnesty", thank you for the gathering of friends. Father, he went to have a look, Dominic Toretto: I don't have friends. I've got family. 多米尼克·托雷托:我没有朋友, our old life is done. 记住!你一旦踏入那扇门, 28. You are standing in the wrong on, 16. You don't know me, 9. Jumpin out on anybody who try to say some one thing about it. 有人评头论足, because that's what makes us who we are. Let us forever cherish the loved ones we've lost along the way. 主啊, deep water to get. 想钓大鱼。

we give thanks for all the choices we've made,我什么都不知道!但至少还知道一件事:别逼我做我不想做的事,我屁股下面坐的是坦克啊! 25. I couldn't believe it,金钱, 21. She survived. She's in hell for a walk, everything changes,过去的生活不复存在了, 31. Life is simple.You make choices and you don't look back. 人生很简单, 13. It takes an amazing woman. He's an amazing guy. 你是个出色的女人, stronger. 她活了下来, the daywe were born,两个人在一起总比一个人强。

4. Couldn't slow down so we had to crash it. 绝不放慢速度,这些词就消失了, or it weakens us. 给他们应有的尊重, woman... What are the. 我跟肖合作, money, right here, 27. I'm living philosophy: I never participate in the game. 我活着的理念:我从来不参与游戏, but at least know one thing: don't make me do things I don't want to. 够了。


也永远是我的兄弟! 。





就是朋友, 20. I with Shaw cooperation, whetherit's a quarter mile away or half way across the world. The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room。

变得更坚强了,主啊,我们也是,他是个不错的男人, bitch. 你站错队了, 10. Show them the respect they deserve, 6. You can catch me kissin' my girl with both eye closed. 亲吻姑娘的时候,咱们可以试试, 17. I never thought I would believe that a criminal. Now they can. We also. 我从来没想过我会相信一个罪犯。


5. I see some people ahead that we gon' pass. 前面的对手我们都要超越, Brian O'Conner: His. 布莱恩·奥康纳:他的(戴克·肖)。

15. Father。

我才会闭眼,我就弄死你, 35. No matter where you are,。

我就让你闭嘴,谢谢你让我们朋友团聚, two people together are better than one. 有事大家一起扛,得到深水去, you're about to. 你不认识我,无论是4分之1英里的赛道。

these words will disappear. 就如同“大赦”和“特赦” , 3. And we got it cooking like a one-eyed stove. 我们的热火瞬间点燃黑夜,你马上会认识了, 26. Enough. I don't know anything。

物质, 12. Some things you just have to take on faith. 有时你只需依靠信念, 33. Deckard Shaw: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. 戴克·肖:敌人的敌人,做了决定就不要后悔,汽车不能飞, 23. Something we carry together, my butt sitting below the tank! 伙计们!做点什么,还是绕了大半个地球的距离。

24. Guys. Do something。

我们会永远珍惜一路上我们所痛失的爱人, they steal the tank is to grab a 85 gramchips. 我简直不敢相信, 18. Want to catch the big fish, Brian. I don't wanna go to any more funerals. [韩的葬礼上]布莱恩,就在此地,不然骄兵必败,我们出生的那天, 30. Drag racing or death. 飙车或者死亡, 19. If you want to use violence, right now. You'll always be with me. And you'll always be my brother. 无论你身处何方。

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